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Children's Play

Children’s playhouses can be a great way to encourage children to play outside, providing them with their own personal space. Ideal for tots and pre teen kids, these playhouses can be a fun addition to any garden. We have a range of different playhouses for every requirement, age and budget. 

Playhouses For Toddlers

If you are looking for a playhouse suitable for toddlers you might want to consider our Tiny Tots play pen. A compact playhouse, this will be the perfect choice for smaller gardens if you still want to provide a treat to your little ones. The house is completely waterproof, ensuring that it will last for years. 

Larger Playhouses For Older Kids 

If you have older children, you can consider one of our playhouses with an additional area upstairs. These are larger options and look just like a small, beautifully built wooden cottage. Due to the wood design, these are different from plastic playhouses and fit in well with the typical garden aesthetic or decor. 

Child Safe And Strong 

It is important for children’s playhouses to be safe and built to the highests standards. You need to be able to gain the peace of mind that these are free from hazards. When you choose one of our playhouses, you can take comfort in knowing they pass through numerous quality checks and remain sturdy even in wind and rain.

These playhouses are easy to set up as well and do not require expertise or advanced levels of skill to complete.